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"Busline 35A" is short film about a few idle passengers and a harassment that takes place in the background of their lives.

I'm currently art-directing with a focus on style exploration, and balancing visuals with the other storytelling elements to create the right mood for the film.

"Head Above Water" follows a young woman chasing after her personal data in the vast void of the internet. It is a 30 second commercial for the Belgian NGO EDRi.

I was the art director for this project and I mainly worked with light, color and texture to create the mood for the story.

"Mind Temple" is a personal project about the introspective journey of a warrior facing the darkness within.


I wanted to explore and develop a style that lends itself to a more serious subject matter and captures the heavy mood of the story.

"Relay" follows a high school witch, who's transported from her comfortable life to a horror landscape, where she has to fight every step of the way.

I wanted to experiment with a simplistic graphic style for a fun coming-of-age story.

"Cacapuu" is the story of a small dungbeetle who sets out to build his own home. It is a 45 sec animation aimed at kids.


I was the art director for this project and I worked with style development, character, environment and prop design.