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As a user of Geocaching's services I couldn't help but notice that in recent years their mobile app has become more and more bloated. This is my attempt at fixing that and bringing the app back to it's roots.

The original app is quite old at this point. Every screen is plagued with different buttons that could all mean roughly the same thing. As a new user it is very confusing to find your way around the app.


I aimed to solve that problem by reducing the amount of buttons on the top and bottom and use distinct icons to minimize potential confusion.

For me it was always a big pain that the settings were tucked away inside your profile. I fixed that by bringing the setting out and placing them at the bottom.


I also tried to improve the hierarchy of elements, especially on the cache info screen. I separated the screen into a passive part full of stats and an active part where you can take actions.

The messaging system was also archaic and reminiscent of writing a letter, which I always found added unneeded seriousness to the action.

I transformed messaging into something that most people are familiar with. By putting people's profile images I found that it makes the experience more human and friendly.


With Lists I always wanted a feature where you could visually see your progress on different lists. I envisioned it as another tool to keep you motivated in your explorations.

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